Ethical Behavior: Bernie Madoff's Ponzi Scheme

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Ethical behavior is a representation of leader’s self-reflection of who they truly are, and with past multi-billion dollar companies reported committing unethical and unmoral acts of behavior, it is imperative that leaders fully comprehend the ramifications related to their unethical behavior. Furthermore, an ethical virtue demonstrated by a leader paves the foundation for their followers to behave with the same ethical behavior established within the organization thus establishing a followers’ commitment to their organization. Additionally, the rise in corporate ethical scandals today representing the unethical behavior and, raising awareness relevant to the investigation into their illegal and unethical acts of conduct. The fact that leaders…show more content…
Furthermore, rather than targeting the existing, investors, he decided to target and exclusive group of investors of which he maintained a close relationship thus avoiding any potential for investigation by the United States security and commission (SEC). Madoff was successful in his scheme by means of ensuring that his record keeping was up to date and current. The investors believing they had the ability to withdraw the funds at any period-of-time allowed for no suspicion or wrongful notions. In 2008 Madoff began seeing that the scheme was slowly dissipating because of the investors requiring that he converting their assets due to the decline in the market, Madoff eventually caught in December 2008 and sentenced to 150 years in prison (Yang,…show more content…
The particulars of the terminal values relevant to Bernie Madoffs ponzi scheme involve his desire for a comfortable and exciting life, social recognition, his lack of proving security for the investors, as well as his personal desire for accomplishment (Gamble, & Gamble, 2016).
Ethical theories and rationales
Model of ethical decision-making Relevant to the Bernie Madoff scenario, it is evident that he demonstrated ethical egotism in accordance to the manner in which he used to promote his ponzi scheme it is evident that he developed the scheme in his own self-interest without considering the ramifications inflicted on the unknowing victims he lured into his deceitful unethical scheme to swindle hid victims of their money. In addition, it is obvious that his Ponzi scheme intended to benefit solely him and thus him believing he was victorious in his tactics of swindling the hard earned money of his investors, it is clear that his primary objectives in addition, to winning were to be seen as the best there was while expanding his profits for his own

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