American Red Cross Case Study Summary

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY For analysis of ethical behavior, the case study of American Red Cross has been selected. It is a remarkable organization that makes a huge difference in the lives of those in need after a disaster such as September 11, 2001 and natural disasters. The organization itself is huge and with this it brings some natural challenges as with any large organization. Some of these issues stem from the corporate level while some of these are on the front line. On the corporate level, there is the possible ethical issue of overcompensation of employees. With a huge board and high turnover rate of top executives, it is no wonder why there are allegations of overcompensation. For top executives, there is a generous severance pay involved…show more content…
DETAIL STUDY INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE CULTURE Internal personality of a company is known as corporate culture. It shows by how the subordinates react, behave, think etc. It concern with ethics and manner of that company. Every company tries to establish unique corporate culture and it show in its statement of objectives, vision, norms of working, symbols and goals. In other worlds overall internal environment is known as culture. It play big role in employees loyalty, customer perception about firm, goodwill in the market. There are main characteristics of corporate culture. 1. Creative initiatives and risk taker 2. Deep knowledge of local customs 3. Objective oriented. 4. Person oriented 5. Group oriented 6. Aggressiveness 7. Long term…show more content…
Our business must always benefit society as a whole. We believe that applying our core values is the best way to help our stakeholders and society. It is also the only way in which we will achieve our mission to become the leader in the World of Work. Corporate social responsibility Company takes pride in matching ideal employees with quality employers, but our commitment to society does not stop there. We shape the future World of Work by sharing our knowledge and experiences with everyone involved in the employment sector. We believe the value of work is a unifying force that will shape society for the better. It has following social responsible events.  Providing online help:-it takes the responsibility make the information and technology system in Australia safer than that, especially for youngsters. With the help of government, laws provisions, local organization, it makes safer technology to customers with positive impact.  Make investment in local Canadian communities: - it works with many local communities like organizations making not for profits, forms of private and public sectors etc. it provides social services for people and provides employment opportunities for people. It helps Canadian communities by sharing its technology, consultation of its experts, and hard work of its
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