Ethical Business: West Fraser

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Ethical Businesses. Which business comes to your mind? Whichever it may be it probably has branded itself as an ethical business through the actions and decisions that company has made. In this report I will be discussing an ethical business that comes to my mind called West Fraser. West Fraser is a publicly funded Canadian company and it is known as the largest lumber manufacturer not only in Canada but also in southern America. It was founded in 1955 by Sam, Bill and Pete Ketcham; three brothers whom bought a planting mill in Quesnel, B.C by saving their resources. Today it is no small business. West Fraser employs nearly 8,000 men and women today. Evidently, West Fraser has the title of Canada’s 10 Best Companies to Work For! Now West Fraser’s…show more content…
Well the answer is their industry. The lumber industry had been doing great globally for 4 years but there is now a new negative trend in Canadian lumber. Why? This has to do with Canada and trade. One of Canada’s most abundant natural resources is lumber and the largest exporters of this lumber are the US, China and Japan; whom have reduced their purchases. China and Japan’s housing industry has slowed down and that industry is a major consumer of lumber. As a result of this, two of Canada’s largest lumber exporters have slowed their purchases. How about the U.S? Yes, the US’s housing industry has also slowed down but it is now beginning to speed up. The main reason that the US has decreased their purchases is because they are now purchasing their lumber from other countries at lower prices, such as…show more content…
They continue to raise their company’s goals and to out shine other companies in the industry. In conclusion West Fraser shows itself as a clean and honest company. I hope that at the end of this report you understand what makes an ethical business and that we can all take away the knowledge that although a business is ethical, doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have another problem to face. Business are always looking to improve themselves and it’s the companies that take the time to figure out how to do so that are
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