Ethical Climate In Health Care

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Ethical climate Organizational climate refers to the nature of the perception of values, beliefs and behaviors of its members. More specifically ethical climate refers to the collective perception of what is ethically acceptable within the context of an organization. Ethical climate is not only an identifiable and measurable organizational phenomenon but also a central variable in the promotion and socialization of ethical and unethical behaviors . Ethical climate represents the informal yet collective perception of individual ontology and acceptable or unacceptable behavior (Malloy,2009).

The ethical climate in a health care institutions may be conceptualized by how the organization influences the ability of health care
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The American Nurses Association (ANA) approved that address ethical practice issues such as empathy and respect .The nurse primary compliance to patient , patient advocacy, accountability , duties ,responsibility and participation in the health care (shrestha& jose ,2014).

With today changes, nurses face cases such as heavy workload, lack of resources, increased patient awareness, low occupational ,various problems related to staff skills, life quality and workplace violence. In But, there is the anticipation that nurses should treat patients in an ethical manner and put ethics first in their professional performance. Across the world, nurses are guided to use professional codes that highlight their obligation to respect, protect and safeguard the essential rights of the patient involved in nursing and health care(Sharifabad
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But, without trust patients are less-confident that decisions made are in their best interest. communication influences understanding and cooperation increases trust between both parties, nurses must monitor their interaction with patients to avoid a false sense of security. This false sense may cause potential harm to patients because substitute treatments are not offered. So, to lighten or reduce this concern the nurse must understand and listen to the patient’s life circumstances. A failure to do so may limit how much the patient’s concerns are considered in the decision making process(
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