Ethical Climate In Nursing

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Ethical climate Organizational climate refers to the nature of the perception of values, beliefs and behaviors of its members. More specifically ethical climate refers to the collective perception of what is ethically acceptable within the context of an organization. Ethical climate is not only an identifiable and measurable organizational phenomenon but also a central variable in the promotion and socialization of ethical and unethical behaviors . Ethical climate represents the informal yet collective perception of individual ontology and acceptable or unacceptable behavior (Malloy,2009). The ethical climate in a health care institutions may be conceptualized by how the organization influences the ability of health care providers to advance what they ought to do in their daily work .An ethical climate have a positive effect on health nurses’ daily work in terms of work satisfaction, retention at work, ability to manage conflict and as well as patient outcome. The organization leaders play a vital role in building, maintaining and encouraging an ethical climate. The main responsibility of the leadership in the organization to create and maintain an ethical climate because these not only stand for what ought to be done but also encourage good practice(Lin ,2013). According to Murray ,(2007), an ethical climate is one in which the nurse is comfortable raising ethical concerns is aware of an ethical culture and engages in ethical discussions.
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