Ethical Codes In Psychology

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fifteen year old girl goes for therapy with a female psychologist in a private practice. The girl has not gotten her parents’ permission; she does not want her parents to know she is seeking therapy and says she will pay for the therapy with her own work money and savings. The girl reports recurring nightmares of being knifed by a man. She’s scared of bugs, mice, snakes, worms, germs, and blood, and is terrified to give a speech in class that is required in a couple of weeks. She says she gets good grades; her parents demand it. She has trouble reading and concentrating on what she reads. She says she doesn’t feel attractive of likeable, and doesn’t have any close friends. When asked if she remembers any physical or sexual abuse, she says no. She says she’s scared of boys and doesn’t want anyone to touch her, though she thinks this is odd because other kids seem to like it. The girl is very vague about what her parents are like and how they might respond if they knew that the girl wanted to go for therapy. The girl is desperate and adamant that the parents not be told; she appears to panic at the thought of telling them. In your essay, address the following questions. Include references to appropriate ethical codes, and indicate how they are or are not being addressed in this scenario, and the extent to which this impacts the scenario (use the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, 2002). As always, follow APA format.…show more content…
Remember Illinois law when answering this question. 2) What kind of information, if any, about the treatment do the parents have a right to know about? 3) What should the psychologist do about the possible abuse? How strong is the possibility that the girl has been abused? If the girl later reported abuse, what should the therapist do? 4) What should the psychologist do about possible

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