Ethical Conflict In Education

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Ethical Conflict in Education Many students in society long for acceptance and relevance to their classmates. Having a group of friends that do not judge, bully or shun you is hard to come by today, even back in history. It is hard to gain this privilege due to the harsh actions of someone not only disliking you, it occurs because of the disliking of the skin color. In today’s education system, ethical differences play a major role in the diverse school system. Due to children’s skin color and cultural views, many are differentiated, discriminated and stereotyped, wrongfully by students and teachers, depriving them of the full learning experience. Differentiation has a prominent place in today’s education system. Children are placed in circumstances…show more content…
Sandra Cisneros shares her traumatic experience in a novel, “Eleven.” She goes on to explain that it was her eleventh birthday and her teacher forcibly made her wear a filthy sweater that did not belong to her because low class, Hispanic heritage (Cisneros). The children in the classroom laughed and made her feel below them because Sandra was not fitting in with them. Being placed in a situation where a child is different from others, puts the individual in a low state of esteem, Sandra can testify to this. Teachers must uplift their students instead of adding on to the hatred and bullying. Cisneros is not the only individual that has encountered a teacher that improperly treats students. Dick Gregory shares his account as a young student in “Shame.” Gregory was distinguished in front of the whole class, by his teacher, because she believed that his father had no money and Gregory was lying, being a poor, black boy. He recalls thinking “I guess she couldn’t see a kid who made noises because he wanted someone to know he was there” (Gregory). Children seek attention and acceptance from teachers, not bullying and diminishment. Cisneros and Gregory will be scarred by the fact that their teachers thought so low of them, they received no respect. Teachers have the power to hinder the mistreatment once and for all;…show more content…
Whether it be all blacks cannot swim to all Muslims are terrorist, the stereotyping needs to cease. The affects on one’s mental health is detrimental, especially if it is a young child. African Americans may be stereotyped as loud and obnoxious when they are truly just getting their point across, just like any other individual. Blacks are not the only race being categorized in today’s society. Rong explains, “In many cases, Asian American students are expected to succeed without particular attention, assistance, or support, despite their English language learner status.” Asians are perceived as the ones who will excel in any class, but what about the ones who need more assistance with their studying? Teachers cannot label all of their Asian students as the smartest in the class, they must take on each individual to find out their specific need in order to enhance the overall learning experience. Stereotypes give wrong conceptions to everyone; consequently, the labeling blocks students from reaching their full
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