Ethical Consequences Of Whistleblowing

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Most people who have done whistle blowing about unethical action in an organization always argue that they always have a bad time while whistle blowing an organization. They always have to face a question whether they are making a right decision or not. As a result whistleblower are discriminated and always asked to give their facts regarding their claim. Everyone always hates negative news even though it reflects the current situation of the company. For an example WorldCom because of Cynthia action in whistle blowing the corporation, has force the company to its demise and bankruptcy of WorldCom. Whistle blower has to face a hard obstacle because of there is no protection agency made in Malaysia to protecting these truth teller and they often fell threaten even when they are doing the right thing. Whistle blower also haves a hard time in collecting the evidence they needed to proves they are right after the complain being made because the company will of course cut all ties with the whistleblower in order to save their company reputation a. whistleblower is essentially are committing their own career suicide because of the risk they take it will cause them to lose their current job and not only that it could also prevent any future employer to hire them because of their whistle blowing at their previous company. As a whistle blower not only it will be hard for them to find another job they will also be hated by the company workers because of their act these workers will
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