Ethical Constraints In The Media Industry

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Explain ethical constraints and laws that are appropriate to the media industry.

Ethical constraints and laws in the madia range from many things such as social issues and sensitive issues that affect the media industry for example here are some things and why they are social issues and sensitive issues.
Representation of gender: this is both social and an sensitive issue, this is due to in the media gender is portrayed in a certain way, such as in adverts on tv and magazines women are portrayed as curvy, skinny with no flaws such as stretch marks or spots, this is a social issue as most of what is shown is edited and the media is then essissencily lying to the public and making the women shown become what the stereotypical woman
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There are four practical and principled reasons for this interest. First, the media provide an easily accessible source of language data for research and teaching purposes. Second, the media are important linguistic institutions. Their output makes up a large proportion of the language that people hear and read every day. Media usage reflects and shapes both language use and attitudes in a speech community. For second language learners, the media may function as the primary—or even the sole—source of native-speaker models. Third, the ways in which the media use language are interesting linguistically in their own right; these include how different dialects and languages are used in advertising, how tabloid newspapers use language in a projection of their assumed readers ' speech, or how radio personalities use language—and only language–to construct their own images and their relationships to an unseen, unknown audience. Fourth, the media are important social institutions. They are crucial presenters of culture, politics, and social life, shaping as well as reflecting how these are formed and expressed. Media ‘discourse’ is important both for what it reveals about a society and for what it contributes to the character of…show more content…
Such as for people with seeing difficulty there are accessibility’s for them such as making the font larger or extensions on the web to read out the text for them.

Explain the following professional bodies in regards to codes of practice.

a) BBC producers’ guidelines
BBC give their audience high-quality, original and at times challenging output. They also give their audiences content made to their highest editorial and ethical standard and then also provide appropriate protection for their audiences to protect them from harm. To do this they they cover:
Accuracy, impartiality, harm and offence, fairness, contributors and consent, privacy, reporting crime and anti-social behaviour, children and young people as contributors, politics, public policy and polls, war, terror and emergencies, religion, re-use and reversioning, editorial integrity and independence from external interests, conflicts of interest, external relationships and funding, interacting with our audiences, the law, accountability.
(Unknown, Editorial Guidelines, 2018)

b) Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) accessibility

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