Ethical Conundrums

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The overriding issue presented in this scenario is one of bullying experienced by the less fortunate scholarship student on the grounds of his “scruffy” appearance. The NSW Department of Education and Communities (2016, 1.1) has a zero tolerance to any form of bullying within the learning environment, whether it be physical or psychological. This is exhibited within this scenario as the other students are misusing their more fortunate socio-economic position to bastardize this student who falls outside their circle of acceptance. However, despite their meaningful intentions, educators must take the appropriate steps to ensure that ethical conundrums do not present themselves, whilst bearing in mind both the students wellbeing and maintaining…show more content…
Educators must question themselves on their personal interests re this vocation in regards to having any adverse influence in the performance of their public duty. The principles of procedural fairness must be applied, particularly employing the “rule against bias”, were the grounds of this rule acknowledges that even though an unbiased decision had been arrived at, the suspicion alone connected to this scenario will taint the notion of impartiality (Code of Conduct, 2016, p.46). The initial steps in proceeding to deal with this dilemma is to report this conundrum to your supervisor were correct procedural steps may be taken to uphold the integrity of both school and educator. A possible solution would be to organize that the student fall under the care of an alternative tutor, not connected with the school in question. However, if that does not come to fruition, the most feasible course would be to consult the parents of the students in question and explain the scenarios and options available, as well as outlining the policies of the school and the issues that are in question. The last alternative would be to seize employment at the tutoring center, although herein arises a new ethical dilemma as you see yourself abandoning one group of students who have already become accustomed to the teacher’s methods and context. Nevertheless, a choice must be made, and the lesser of the two conundrums would be to resign from the tutoring center to uphold the integrity of one’s profession. Another avenue to overcome this ethical issue is to offer an in school based tutoring program on a voluntary basis that is open to all senior students, and thus removing any notions of “pecuniary interests” to ensure impartiality (Code of Conduct, 2016, p.14). Therefore, if the practicalities of this
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