Ethical Decision Making In Counseling

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September 17, 2015: We talked about ethical decision making which should be a collaborative process between the client and counselor, rather than a counselor making decisions for the client. As an upcoming vocational rehabilitation counselor it is good to think through an ethical dilemma when helping a client explore their career options in life. September 24, 2015: Different counseling theories were being discussed in class. My favorite is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) because unlike other types of psychotherapy it does not dwell on events taking place in the past to gain insight into an emotional state of mind. CBT tends to deal with the here and now and how current thoughts and behaviors are affecting a person now. I like…show more content…
With any relationship, listening skills are needed to show clients you understand and interpret the information correctly. I need to work on the following skills being more attentive in non-verbal ways, such as; summarizing the details the client is explaining to me. I need to remind myself as an upcoming vocational rehabilitation counselor to ask more open ended questions when gather information because it will help me acquire more details so I can better help them through the vocational process. I hope to create a working alliance between all my clients because I feel this is essential for an individual to be successful in a counseling environment that will help the client achieve their…show more content…
This assignment was extremely beneficial to me and actually it played a part in me and my uncle, Robert rekindling our relationship. I cannot imagine how difficult it was for him growing up in his error of time being deaf or coping with hearing loss. I am so proud of my uncle because he does really well in a vocational center working on a clean crew. He loves to work because it gives him a sense of independence. In conclusion of my reflection paper I would just say that you have been an inspiration to me as a college professor. You have activated my knowledge for vocational rehabilitation counseling and you have been a mentor and support to me in getting through the program at Winston Salem Stat university. I really do appreciate the hard work and effort you put into teaching me. Thank you for everything that you have done for me as a student.
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