Ethical Decision-Making Theory Paper

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Tenacity and the application of grit lie deep in the maturation of my soul. The soul is the third and strongest leg of the trinity of who I am and what I accomplish. Palmer (2004) describes how resilient, savvy, and resourceful the soul is in the wilderness hidden in our inner self. The impact of ethical decision-making relies on the soul’s ability to influence the body and mind similar to how I employ structured influence on students, staff, and parents. Palmer (2004) defines this action through the soul as the inner self, “the objective, ontological reality of selfhood” (p. 33). Examining deeper how my soul impacts daily actions, I would affirm Borgmann’s (2006) reference to Aristotle, the soul is “the vital force of a human being” (p.…show more content…
16). This is how my Ethos was reborn at Concordia and will progress into the next several years of learning. Great leaders of change grow through developing positive behaviors and using empathy to support their team. Fullan (2011) summarizes his “Be Resolute” chapter with associating great leaders recognize peoples’ behaviors can change. Their behavior is situation based and empathetic leaders are more likely to recognize this fact and direct small changes in situation to change behavior. I think it all boils down to how a change leader must adjust to the situation and be cognizant of their environment. Fullan (2011) asserted, “if you want behavior to change you must change the situation” (p. 45). It was important to adjust my growth and begin attending the doctoral program at Concordia University. The coursework is allowing me to drive the my school leadership forward. The Organizational Change course supported my belief that empathy and listening are critically necessary to effect change at Floyd Light Middle
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