Ethical Decisions In Crimson Tide

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In the movie Crimson Tide, we look to the question ethical decisions, and what someone would do when thrown into a situation that made them question themselves, and who they serve for. In this example, when serving in the United States Military, once a solider is given orders, that solider must follow the orders out and not to question them. The trust between the solider and the higher command giving orders is almost based on blind faith. The solider relies on the higher commands decision of protecting democracy, even if someone, or a lot of people are killed. Is it an ethical decision to follow a commander’s order even if it means killing mass numbers of innocent civilians? Captain Frank Ramsey, a submarine commander receives orders to fire his nuclear weapons. While a second order struggles to arrive but is interfered halfway through transmission, now the commander of the boat is unsure what the second order says. Is it not to fire the weapons, or is it a warning? The commander now has two sets of orders, and is being pressured to wait to reestablish connection by Commander Ron Hunter, than to act on the first orders.…show more content…
Hunter previously states that; “the true nature of war is to serve itself and leave the world destroyed.” While Captain Frank Ramsey, rose through the military ranks, to his current position, he takes Hunter’s advice, but does not seem to listen to it because of their backgrounds. When making an ethical decision, many factors affect the process. In this example, it is pressure from your peers, the men on board, the military, and the people of the united states the swore to protect. Ramsey understands that if he does not act quickly his country is at stake, as well as what the Untied States stands for,
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