Ethical Differences Between Karl And Bob

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In the scenario of Karl and Bob, they are both wrong in their actions. Their problem started when they decided to flee town in order to run away from their problems. As a result, Karl and Bob’s situation became more severe because Karl decided to steal a thousand dollars from a store and Bob decided to cheat an old retired man into giving him a thousand dollars. Karl’s actions may seem worse in the eyes of society and the law; however, when considering the morality of the situation, I am convinced that Bob was worst in his actions to cheat the elderly retired man.
The difference between stealing from the store and cheating the elderly retired man is that the store can gain the money it lost fairly quick in contrast it may be harder for the elderly man to regain the money that he unfortunately lost because he is retired. Another difference is that Karl can go to jail for the
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When Bob made that promise, the old man expected his to follow through and keep his end of the bargain. In reality, Bob never intended to keep his promise to the old man. His intentions are wrong because promises made to people should be kept regardless of if you know them very well or not. The actions of one person can have a huge effect on another. It is possible because Bob cheated the aged retired man, the elderly man will stop helping other like he usually does.
The money the aged man gave to Bob could have been used to help someone who was actually sick or someone in desperate need of the money for ethical reasons.Although it may be true that the elderly man may have been slightly irresponsible by being naive and giving away the money without ensuring that what Bob was saying was genuine, in spite of that, his deeds were noble and recommendable; whereas Bob’s actions was dishonest and unethical. Ultimately, Bob was wrong in his actions because he did a terrible thing to a very good
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