Ethical Dilemma In Drug Testing

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Another ethical dilemma which the human resource department faces with employees is when it comes to drug testing. According to Wooten (2001), drug testing becomes an invasion of privacy and hence has to be dealt cautiously. The concern arises when only few of the employees are suspected of this but all of them have to endure the indignity of the test. There is a “right” thing to do and a “just” action to consider. To come to a decision, various aspects of the organization need to be focused. The financial division provides us with the economic benefit of the worker productivity and also calculates the cost of the drug testing. As stated by Wooten (2001), financial impacts can be easily measured and compared. The second aspect is the legality…show more content…
Not only do the professionals have to decide on the immediate needs of their patients but also on their future. Ethics has increasingly become a required component of clinical practice. According to Ulrich et al. (2013), many healthcare professionals suffer from stress-related disorders which originate in job duties like protection of patients’ rights, respect to autonomy, informed consent for treatment, and staffing patterns which are impacted by the increasing demand for clear ethical standards in their decision making process. It is therefore imperative for organizations to develop standardized policies and guidelines for education in ethics to help their staff members to carry out…show more content…
Physicians’ incapability to focus on monitoring of accepted standards of medical practice can create dilemmas for the organization. There are different types of interaction with the physician and depending on that, it can pose an ethical dilemma. At first, there is physician – to – physician interaction where in there is difference of professional expertise based decisions. In addition to this, there is physician – to – hospital executive interaction is related to when coding of patients diagnoses and treatment plan determines the amount of reimbursement by government to the hospital. Finally, there is physician – to – healthcare system in which an ethical dilemma appears when professionals have to balance between them and human beings in context of the existing problems in the healthcare system, like a long waitlist for specialized surgery.

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