Ethical Dilemma In Ethics

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Ethical dilemma arises from ethics, and ethics are perceived differently by a layman. To some, it is to do with feelings or religion or law or even standardised social ethics. Many claim to not know about it. Five common ethical approaches have been described: Utilitarian, Rights, Justice and Fairness, Common Good and Virtue (Jennings et al., 2008). Each approach is argumentative and gives a different solution. These approaches do not constitute dilemma: dilemma is the predicament of choosing among different options, choosing despite the option appearing wrong and choosing one from all correct options. The choice to go through it or having the courage to go for it is the ethical dilemma. It is a disagreement between choice and compromise on…show more content…
Ethics are standards that are used by members of a profession or group to establish the right course of action. Ethics depend upon logical and rational criteria to arrive at a decision (Congress, 1999; Dolgoff, Loewenberg, & Harrington, 2009; Reamer, 1995; Robison & Reeser, 2002). Values depict ideas that we hold dear, that has worth to us, and that we hope to achieve. Often, values are associated with a feeling or affective component (Allen & Friedman, 2010). Morals portray a behavioural code of conduct to which we ascribe. They are used to negotiate, support and strengthen our relationship with others (Dolgoff, Loewenberg, & Harrington,…show more content…
But what is deemed right is not defined in business. Often, the leaders are struggling to strike a balance between profitability and business ethics. Whenever decisions involve moral issues, an ethical dilemma occurs because of the following reasons (Robinson, 2003):
• Taking decision between two correct rules: It is the toughest decision and is solely dependent on self-reflective paradigms (Kidder, 1995).
• Taking decision in absence of any rules or guidelines: Shapiro and Stefkovich (2011) suggest that every leader should maintain their own ethical codes that will assist them in taking the right decisions.
• Taking a decision that morally requires two or more courses of action that are practically incompatible with each other.
• Taking a decision that lays emphasis on self-interest but is ethically
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