Ethical Dilemma In Physician Assisted Suicide

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Ethical Dilemma Something that western society has always put an emphasis on autonomy of the individual. The purpose of physician assisted suicide being legalized is to put an emphasis on the individual and their wishes. Immanuel Kant believed that humans were born with a natural instinct of right and wrong. According to Kant, the act of suicide to escape a difficult situation will be ruled immoral (Friend, 2011). The end would defy self-love and self-preservation so Kant permits no exceptions because the act of killing will never become a universal law of nature (Friend, 2011). However, Kant believes that autonomy is the soul core of human dignity (Kant, 1785). Killing people typically violates a person’s autonomy, but not upholding their…show more content…
Oregon has the strictest laws put into place when it comes to physician assisted suicide. The patient must be at least 18 years old, cognizant enough to make their own medical decisions, suffering from a terminal illness that will lead to death within 6 months, a request form with two signatures from witnesses: one of which cannot be a relative, the patient must wait fifteen days before they get the prescription and the patient can rescind a request at any time (Barone, 2014). These laws leave little wiggle room for a patient to abuse physician assisted death. Between 1998 and 2006 candidates for physician assisted suicide were also required to complete a psychiatric evaluation before they could obtain the prescription medications (Steinbrook,…show more content…
When looking at previously implemented end-of-life care, is physician assisted suicide any different? Patients are able to sign do not resuscitate paperwork which mean that there will be no resuscitation if their heart happens to go into an abnormal heart rhythm or stop all together. Do not resuscitate, do not intubate, and the ability to discontinue care at any time per patient request are all implemented in order to uphold an individual’s autonomy (Bailey, et. al., 2012). If DNRs, DNIs and respite of all care can be ruled ethical if it is the patient’s wishes, why can’t physician assisted suicide? End of life decisions all lead to one ultimate thing,

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