Ethical Dilemma In Social Work

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Introduction There are three cases that must be existent for a status to be considered an ethical dilemma. The first case occurs in situations when someone must decide about which path of action is best. state that is uneasy but that don’t require a choice, are not ethical dilemmas. For example, students in their internships are required to be under the supervision of an appropriately dependable social work field instructor. The second case for ethical dilemma is that there must be many paths of action to choose from. Third, in an ethical dilemma, no matter what path of action is taken, some ethical norm is come to term. In other words, there is no perfect solution. In defining what contain an ethical dilemma, it is necessary to make a singularity between ethics, values, morals. Ethics are (standards) that are used by individual or group to determine what the right path of action in a situation is. Ethics depend on logical and rational standard to reach a decision, an basically cognitive process (Congress, 1999; Dolgoff, Loewenberg, & Harrington, 2009; Reamer, 1995; Robison & Reeser, 2002). Values, moreover, describe ideas that we estimate. To value something means that we feel it has worth to us. Often, values are ideas that we want to achieve, like equality and social justice. Morals describe a behavioral code of conduct to which an individual ascribes. In this report, I will discuss an ethical dilemma (cheating) that I have been faced, then I will talk about it in
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