Ethical Dilemma In The Workplace

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As Human beings, there is a lot of characters that are born with us, good and bad, but makes it a treat of ourselves, in the everyday life we can find a lot of situations that define our relationships and we are put in situations that make us have extreme choices, between our own benefits and the other’s people wellbeing. We learned to share since kindergarten, some of us try to use what they learn some just don’t like to abide to the rules. Which takes us to Ethics, and in this case, Ethical situation in a work place. April is facing a dilemma, and she’s wondering what she should do?!
April’s Ethical Dilemma
April and her partner Jordan, worked hard in a presentation so they can get some profits for their agency, Jordan worked
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These morals and values can show clearly while facing any kind of dilemma and in the workplace, can be vital.
Goals or ambition: An ambitious person can act more aggressively at workplace to reach his goals, he or she may act in ways that can go beyond ethical sometimes.
Pressure from Management: it’s like the example given in the e-book, exploring business, it’s when a Director or Manager ask or pressure an employee to change something in a work procedure, or do something that’s illegal to reach or to confuse a client.
Acting ethically in business is a very complicated matter, that can destroy a business, and an employee reputation, acting with honesty is a better strategy for a business to prosper.
Employers has the first and last saying, to help their employees to have nice workplace environment, by treating them fairly and giving them work incentives and goals, but what about the employees?!
Employees, should take in considerations two steps while dealing with ethical dilemma in workplace: first of all, define the dilemma, and ask a simple question: What is the right thing to do? Second, how should I handle this situation so it won’t happen
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3- Demanding and rewarding integrity from all members in all situations, which create a sense of fairness and ease at work.
There are various ways that an organization can implement these strategies, one of them is: Provide workplace ethics training to employees and employers.
Having regular training session for employees and employers, together or separately, help to make them aware of the situation, and more engaged to the Company’s policies and code of conduct. A training session, to addressee employees concerns and help them or guide them to how to deal with the issues.
A Second point or way would be to create an office maybe, or someone who would be in charge to deal or to listen to employees’ dilemmas without fearing retaliation or worst outcomes. A space that allows them to go through this issues with someone who has more legal insight and can help to put them in the right direction.
These two simple ways, can help in a general level to deal or to avoid ethical dilemmas in a work environment. An employee can be ambitious and still get his job objectives with the right guidance, and a simple employee can benefit from a healthy workplace without having to handle or go through all the issues that comes with having work problems that can push him to act

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