Driverless Car Ethics Case Study

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Technology is advancing rapidly and allowing us to make our day-to-day activities easy and straightforward. In the same way, self-driving cars were introduced to ease the transportation for humans. The idea behind these cars is to eliminate the crashes as Bryant Walker-smith, says that today 90% of the accidents are caused by human errors. But with these amazing features, the driverless cars should also make ethical and moral decisions resulting in the rise of an ethical dilemma for vehicle manufacturers.
What is going on? – What are the facts?
Jodie Stephens published an article in The Sydney Morning Herald, on June 24, 2016, which discusses the issue of an ethical dilemma on driverless cars. The driverless cars are also known as self-driving
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• Lives of people may be in danger when they were not manufactured correctly based on the factors like weather conditions.
• The society: as the number of accidents will be reduced to the minimum.
What are the ethical issues and their implications?
• The car’s ability in making decisions: For example, there is a family crossing a road and the decision is to hit the family or swerve off the road while injuring the passengers in the vehicle. In this case, how will the car solve this problem? How will it be able to identify the objects?
Without the above points, the project will not proceed successfully, lives of many people will be in danger, and precious funds will be wasted.

What can be done about it? – What options are there?
• Increasing the performance of laser scanning device and sensors, by which the car will be able to find the situation it is put into very efficiently, allow making best decisions.
• Moral principles must be embedded into the programming.
• Enabling the cars to communicate with each other on the road to signal the obstructions.
• Allowing the cars to remember every new scenario it is put into so that much safer decisions will be taken in less

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