Ethical Dilemma Same Sex Marriage

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The ethical dilemma surrounding gay marriages
Homosexuality is an erotic reaction to the sexual desire of people of the same sex. It is not only about sexual intercourse with similar sex as this could be as a result of limited sexual chances or even rituals in cultural practices. Homosexuality has been considered as a mental disorder. Some think it is Satanism. The issue of gay marriages is a hot topic in our country today. Some states have legalized gay marriages while other states still refuse same sex marriages. For instance in march last year, Michigan State legalized same sex marriages and later the same day, the ruling was stayed and later in the month, a central appeal court stayed the ruling for an indefinite period (Koppel & Jones,
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To the skeptics, moral views such as gay marriages are wrong are just but opinions based on the view point of different people and not facts that can be proved. A skeptic can listen to an argument that gay marriages are wrong since the bible says so and understand that the individual is making the conclusion has valid reasons to think so. The individual making such a conclusion must have been brought up being taught that the argument is a strong one. However, using the bible as the basis, the argument is equally as strong as an argument coming from an individual saying that gay marriages should permitted since in so doing, we will be allowing the gays to express their desire to bond and love and this desire is equally legitimate as the desire from the heterosexuals. Skeptics may never come to a conclusion about whether to permit gay marriages since to them one outlook of ethical behavior is just as good as the other. Regardless of the ethical and moral implications, economists believe that allowing gay marriages brings more benefits to the society. According to economists, marriage is a huge social stabilizer for men and it makes them get mortgages and buy insurance as opposed to going out every night. Married people are also healthier and…show more content…
The natural law theory implies that there are particular laws of nature and things in nature that have certain purposes and values. The Christian view of this being that these values have been created by God. In order to identify whether something is correct, we have to ask ourselves if it is consistent with its natural laws of nature or purpose. The most prominent articulations of this theory are the ne given by Thomas Aquinas also better known as Thomism. Thomists were the most influential in outlining the universal declaration of human rights in the United Nations and therefore this theory is pretty invasive in moral thoughts. The most interesting aspect of this theory is the notion that ethical judgment about issues are made at the class level. This theory fails since it relies on questionable notions that derive these moral details from natural details through the exercise of our reasons. This implies that religious people have got no special access to the truth. The society feels obliged to maintain good morals in the society. There are a number of social responsibilities theories that dictate how people should conduct themselves. Gay marriages have been viewed in different views by different people as discussed above in the paper and there has been no major conclusion on whether gay marriages are ethical or unethical. It all depends on how a person argues
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