Ethical Dilemmas Faced By Apple

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Apple – One of the main ethical dilemmas faced by Apple is about safeguarding the privacy of their customers or complying with the government to assist them with investigations which may be for the betterment of the whole country. Apple has introduced operating systems with default full-disk encryptions since iOS 8, to protect its user’s privacy and security. However, the FBI believes that encryption is merely a marketing strategy that will attract criminals at the cost of country’s safety. Since the introduction of full-disk encryption, the user created a passcode and Apple could access any information in the phone without the passcode. They believed that they did not want the power to access content so that law enforcement could figure out a way to do it themselves instead of asking Apple to invade their customer’s privacy. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook also defended the company by stating that creating a backdoor to the encrypted devices would not only benefit law enforcement officials but may also attract unwanted attention which may in turn lead to more security breach. In addition to this issue being an ethical problem, Apple also has been fighting the FBI and other law enforcement officials because their main selling point is that their customers are offered a private platform for storing their information. If the privacy of their systems is compromised this would negatively affect the sales of Apple and all other major tech companies who take pride on the trust and

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