Ethical Dilemmas In Child Labor

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One of the factor of ethical dilemma is living in conflict. Stress has been recognised as one of the important variables of behaviour of living in conflicts. For example, those nurses in every practice spend their time more resolving the ethical dilemma, and experience numbers of stress getting higher to deal with ethical conflicts. Those stress will cause all staff get frustration and distress cause of ethical dilemma. Why are they always living in conflicts? According to Jameton, one of the nurse face a problem and acting according to what she/he pressures is morally right would not create ethical dilemma so that he/she will be more complex. Wilkinson (1987/88) had identified three issues caused ethical dilemma among nurses involving prolonging…show more content…
According to ILO (Internatıonal Labour Organisation), the definition of working child and that of child labour do not overlap (FAO, 2013). A job of child labour cannot just solely depends on their kind of job. All of these will prevent them attending school if they just focus on work. One of the reason to makes them lack of increasing their ethical.However, based on the understanding of the use of child labor nowadays, it is considered as a human right violation by most of the countries. Child labor still recognized as the most knotty issue facing by almost every country in worldwide. Many of the welfare organizations very concerned about the child labor issue. It is because this issue causes a lot of negative impacts towards the children. The same statistics 176 million children at the age range of 5-14 are in industry and it is clear that the number of child workers is 153 million, of whom 53 million are employed in dangerous tasks. 129 million children at the age range of 15-17 in the industry of whom 53 million are employed in dangerous tasks are child workers and all of the workers in that range have been working in dangerous tasks (ILO, 2010). From the journals and articles, most of the authors more concern on the occupational health problems of child labor in those developing countries. If they are injured at such environments, they will usually receive inadequate medical…show more content…
While the changes the educational policy is parallel with the needs of contemporary World, the issue of how to shape is a matter of concern, for the changes implemented might result in children to be away from school or to be ousted from school. They forcing those child that making a new rules and regulation required in the education system on the grounds that the compulsory education for 8 years, which was legislated at the 28 February process in Turkey, is not satisfactory enough to meet demands for teaching all the contemporary topics to the new generation. By legalized the child labor, it can help to explore the potential of international norms around child labor to shape a possible policy options. Child labor is an issue that no effective solution to prevent even eliminate. In the different point of view, it is a better and positive impact to legalize it and design a new rule and regulation to monitor

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