Ethical Dilemmas In Correctional Facilities

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Prisons are full of people who have done unethical things learning how to become ethical. It is absolutely crucial that correctional officers make the right ethical decisions when working with criminals. Correctional officers are in charge of prisoners and could often abuse their power of authority. Within women’s correctional facilities many officers could have sexual relationships with the inmates. This conflicts with the actual relationship between the officer and the inmate. Another example of an inappropriate relationship between the officer and the inmate would be the introduction to contraband within the cell walls. This provides the inmates with opportunities to continue their unethical behavior even within the walls. Many correctional officers will often…show more content…
I would allow unfortunately allow my emotions to mix between the role of a friend and a victims advocate which only further hurts the victim rather than supports. One ethical dilemma I could potentially face would be to give the victim advice. I am not authorized to do that when speaking to a victim of trauma, I can only give them options, listen to them, believe what they are saying and support them. Another ethical dilemma every victims advocate faces is the importance of confidentiality. It is absolutely important to remain absolutely confidential unless the victim gives you the authority to share their story or situation. I have a friend who just found out that (his/her) parents were using their identity to steal large sums of money. He/She only recently found out this information when they had asked their parents for money and the parents became really defensive asking for all sorts of personal information in regards to (car payments, phone payments, what they personally buy, how much they are
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