Ethical Dilemmas In I Am Sam, By Rita Lee

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I Am Sam is about a father trying to prove to the court system that he should have custody of his daughter, Lucy. Sam Dawson, a father with an intellectual disability, is raising his daughter Lucy with the help of his group of friends. When Lucy turns seven, she begins to surpass her father intellectually. Their bond is threatened when a social worker wants to place Lucy in foster care. Even though the case seems hard to win, Sam declares that he will fight the legal system with an unlikely alliance Rita Harrison. Rite is known as a high-powered, self-absorbed attorney who originally takes his case pro bona because her colleagues thought she was cold hearted, and would not take the challenge. Even though Sam Dawson, and Rita Harrison seemed completely opposite, they were actually quite similar. Sam 's compulsive nature is mirrored in Rita 's more socially acceptable obsessive-compulsive nature (Thompson, 2018). Together they try to convince the system that Sam deserves to get his daughter back and, in the process, they create a bond that results in a unique testimony to the power of unconditional love. Some ethical dilemmas are seen in the Rita Harrison character. When her character is first introduced, she made ethical decision to choose her career over her family, and to view people as insignificant creatures. Rita criticizes and neglects those around her. Her emotional state of being, and her choice of work creates serious ethical dilemmas. As she worked with Sam
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