Ethical Dilemmas In Nursing Essay

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Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing Numerous situations present with ethical dilemmas in the field of providing and receiving nursing care. Although laws and regulations are in place to guide healthcare workers in setting up care plans and in making choices while following those, day-to-day events may challenge those choices. Clients and their families may have requests or needs, outside of the plans already set, where values and beliefs are clashing. One such dilemma is placing a patient in restraints. Restraints can be placed on a patient in three different ways: chemical, physical and by seclusion. Physical restraints are the most commonly used of the three. This can involve tucking the sheets around a patient so tightly that he or she cannot…show more content…
However, as a family member I can see the desire to hold on for a long as possible. Accepting the values of others, although perhaps different from mine, will be necessary. I must enter agreements wisely and make promises only that I can keep to maintain the fidelity between myself and the clients. Providing nursing care must incorporate the family members of the patient, and understanding the grieving process involved with losing someone is of key importance. In adhering to the principles of veracity, I as a nurse must carefully choose how I present the truth in the least hurtful way. At the same time, I must be careful to make sure I act in the name of beneficence, and provide care with the goal of helping my patient and avoid doing harm. (Ramont, Niedringhaus & Towle, 2012) Conflict is bound to happen in the health care setting. Values, beliefs and expectations have to mix with those of others, and consideration must be given to culture and religion. I expect to put in hard work keeping up to date and being self aware so that I can best advocate for my patient without
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