Ethical Dilemmas In Nursing Study

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Unfortunately, there are numerous ethical dilemmas in the field of nursing. Each day a new conflict may arise that goes against your ethical beliefs, but as a nurse you still must follow through with the patients wishes and provide them with the medical care they need. The authors of “Ethical Problems Observed by Student Nurses,” Fethiye Erdil and Fatos Korkmaz, are in the department of nursing at Hacettepe University. This article is based off a study that was conducted in Turkey with 153 nursing students in a university-based nursing program. The study lead to the discovery that patents where mistreated by the medical staff, and the confidentiality of the patient was often ignored. Since this study, many argue that to properly treat a patient…show more content…
Both Erdil and Korkmaz are in the department of nursing at a university, which makes them credible when introducing information about nurse’s duties. To maintain the appeal ethos, they reference Doctors and other medical professionals. These references keep the audience from wondering if the information presented in falsified. If someone who has an expert in their field is backing up information in an article, the audience will believe the information over just a nursing student sharing their personal opinion about something they whitnessed. However, this can also work against the authoritative position that doctors hold. If someone with a PhD preforms malpractice the audience is easily angered because a medical doctor is someone who all should be able to trust. While the nursing students where observing the medical staff during clinicals a student reported of “a doctor performed frequent and unnecessary vaginal examinations to improve his practice skills” (pg. 593). By using credibility the author was able to support the purpose of their article to inform the audience of malpractice and ethical conflicts in the medical
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