The Importance Of Ethical Issues In Nursing

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Nurses often face ethical dilemmas and moral distress throughout various levels of direct and indirect patient care. According to Moon and Kim (2015), patients often die in the intensive care unit, and ethical conflicts frequently occur due to a variety of factors, such as verbal abuse, poor communication between health care providers, and increased incidences of end-of-life issues. I think this is a very important subject to think about, especially when these conflicts can significantly impact job satisfaction, burnout, and ultimately threaten the quality of care for patients. Furthermore, a qualitative study conducted by Henrich et al. (2017) shows that healthcare providers often experience negative emotional repercussions from moral distress in the ICU, and patient care is frequently perceived as being negatively affected. In addition, the same study reveals that nurses and other health care providers in the intensive care unit are more likely to leave their job due to moral distress as compared to other hospital settings. Research has shown that moral distress and ethical issues can have profound impacts on health care providers, such as patient safety, workplace dissatisfaction, and emotional suffering. As a practicing ICU nurse, I also have my fair share of…show more content…
Knowing what I did and what I have allowed another person to do, I have learned a very important lesson about myself when it comes to ethical decision-making. Should the situation happen a second time, I will do things a lot more differently than I would when I was a new nurse. In addition to my personal experiences, I will apply the ethical decision-making models that I have learned through this class and come up with interventions that I personally think is the right and moral thing to do. By doing that, I will have less trouble facing ethical dilemmas and ultimately prevent nurse
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