Ethical Dilemmas In Public Relations

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An ethical dilemma is a difficult situation that involves a conflict between values and has no distinct definite answer. An individual facing an ethical dilemma is usually confronted with various tough choices. The individual has to question how one should react towards that complex situation and thus, make an informed choice based on what one believe is right or wrong. Ethical dilemmas are often times very multifaceted and unpredictable. They possess two or more competing solutions that are morally correct, but acting on one would mean transgressing the others. Potential solutions of ethical dilemmas are guided by societal, cultural and personal ethical guidelines. In the public relations industry, public relations practitioners often find themselves tied up in complex ethical dilemmas as they strive to confront the pressures of twisting the truth to suit the client’s interest (Bowen,…show more content…
The ethical dilemma is that the public relations executive knows the importance and want to be truthful in this situation as the lack of transparency could potentially hurt a small group of people who might receive negative reactions from the pill. However, on the other hand, doing as instructed by the senior management would save the pharmaceutical company from its financial woes, prevent the employees of the company from losing their job and give relief to a larger number of people who would potentially benefit from the pill. Valuing human life and respecting the consumers’ right to know such that public should have all the information of the pill in order to make an informed decision as to whether they would like to consume it, as well as maintaining loyalty towards the organization and preventing a large number of people from losing their job are both professionally acceptable and
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