Ethical Dilemmas In The Military

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Is it okay to commit our United States military and use military force against that country, in order to get them to conform to the type of democracy we live in.
Our country faces ethical dilemmas, when it comes to military action within the Middle East, the Middle East has been in civil dressed for over five thousand years, because of constant interference, and cultural and religious beliefs with-in this country, so does this make the United States international police department? Some people would agree and say we should turn a blind eye. After September 11th 2001, our country is World Trade Center was part of a terrorism plot to the destabilized the country, and to cause destruction in pain and civil dearest with that in the United States, at this time the United States geared up to go over
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As a former United States Army soldier I would have to say no, I believe that emotions and feelings ran high throughout the United States, so this gave our government away to invade the country of Iraq by implementing and tying them into terrorist activities which led up to September 11th. Just recently President Obama shut down operations in Iraq, however while shutting down operations based on public opinion he suspended then change the operational capacity within the country, this led to a new threat to the country 's region and the declining the stabilization of this country. Now we are back to square one president "Obama has urged Congress to authorize military action against terrorist who are actively cutting a swath across the Middle East," I do not believe that the use of force is necessary unless we know all of the facts,
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