Ethical Dilemmas In The Social Sciences/Humanities

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Broad topic: Ethical dilemmas in the Social Sciences/Humanities Narrowed Focus: - The effects of intimate staff- student relationships within secondary schools. Research Question: - How do romantic student-staff relationships impact on secondary level educational institutions and how can they be avoided? Sub Areas: - Ways in which student-staff relationships affect the performance of the student. - Impacts of student-staff relationships on the school 's reputation and the educators involved. - Boundaries that can be put in place to avoid student-staff relations. Introduction Ethical dilemmas or ethical issues are prevalent in human society and lives. This research paper seeks to explore, in particular, ethical issues that are present in Social Sciences and Humanities. The study aims to evaluate the effect of romantic student- staff relationships at the secondary school level as well as how they could be avoided. These types of relationships create a myriad of problems for both students, teachers as well as the institution as a whole. For example, mental health issues plague students as well as teachers, the institution’s reputation is degraded and legal ramifications are faced by staff who often have their careers derailed. Romantic student-staff relationships are now on the rise and may soon be a prevalent problem throughout society if the trend continues. The research also purports that measures should be taken by staff to prevent this problem.
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