Ethical Dilemmas Of A Clinical Social Worker

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Many assume that clinical social worker only issues are with their clients. Majority of Clinical social worker clients are mentally or physically dysfunctional or challenged. Although, dealing with dysfunctional clients can be overwhelming, there are many more issues that come along with the profession of social workers; let’s take a look within the field of a clinical social worker. “What Are The Issues a Clinical Social Worker May Have?” Other than the clients a social worker may experience issues with the ethical code of conduct, limited clientele resources, and confidentiality. Most clinical social workers responsibilities are subjective to their clients, which includes providing the client with the proper resources for treatment…show more content…
The safety of the employees and clients is the number one protocol. Some of the ethical dilemmas include discrimination, racism and deception just to name a few. Some clinical workers may have to break the ethical code of conduct by falsifying information, withholding information, give misleading information just to gain important information needed from their client. Not only is the social workers ethical code of conduct an issue but it also conflicts with the law, workplace regulation and polices hindering the full capability of the social worker duty to keep clients information confidential. This includes sharing client’s information with co- workers or to those outside of the workplace. One of the rules is to not release any of the client’s information without the clients consent. An issue may arise if the social worker client speaks of hurting themselves or others for this information must be relayed to a third party such as the law enforcement. I realize the fact that there are limited resources it is essential to follow the code of ethics and the systems provided to the social worker. I do understand there may be times when necessary to alter the code of ethics due to accommodating the needs of the client. Keeping
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