Genetic Engineering Essay

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One of the ethical issues of today that the medical field is facing is about genetic engineering. A genetic engineering technology also known as genetic modification is a way in which the organism’s genetic genome, a complete set of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), is being directly manipulated using biotechnology. You can customize your offspring by having the opportunity to choose which genetic trait your unborn child should posses, best examples are gender, eyes and the color of the hair. Genetic engineering in lay man’s term is designer baby.
The idea of genetic modification has started to cure illnesses by replacing an unhealthy DNA of an unborn child to a healthy one to eliminate the occurrence of diseases that can be carried out hereditarily
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First, it can prevent some hereditary diseases but could also lead to another diseases outbreak. It is not yet proven that this method is 100% safe. Second, if the population of genetically modified babies increased, the overall population will also increase. Why? Because these designer babies have healthy cells, their life span is longer than the normal ones. Third, they are intellectually enhanced. Compared to normal people, the demand of designer babies in a company will increase, they get the job while those who were born without undergoing a genetic enhancement process will loose the job because they are considered incompetent compared to designer babies. Fourth, the parents have a chance to choose the gender of their child. They will claim that it will create balance in the family but they will not realize that it will also create imbalance between the population of male and female in the society. Fifth, you can create a child who will be as intellectual as you. This will open the door for cloning. Who does want to have a copy of themselves? Only those people who are selfish and greedy of their wealth and power. Lastly, you will live happily with your engineered child. What is the assurance that our genetically designed babies will live up our expectation? Nobody, until the child grows
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