Ethical Dilemmas On Designer Babies

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Option 1: Designer Babies
What is a designer baby?
Designer baby is a non-scientific but popular journalistic term that refers to gene therapy, a technique that uses genes, screening, and modifying embryos to cure hereditary diseases. The term is also used to describe a possible scenario in which scientists choose specific traits or physical characteristics (genetic-makeup) before a baby is born. This process can help to remove many genetic diseases stemmed from defects in mitochondria ("BBC - Horizon - 2005 - Who 's Afraid Of Designer Babies", 2005).
What is the ethical question posed in these two videos at YouTube?
A few of the ethical questions that were directly related to the work of scientists and gene therapy are:
Laurie Zoloth, a professor in biotechs and medical humanity at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, accepts that removing this diseases is a good thing but her primary concerns are effects and efficiency of this method. Another ethical concern was that since we don’t know the long-term consequences of gene therapy, passing these changes to the next generation is wrong (a similar argument has been made for GMO’s).
Brian Bigger, a senior researcher at the University of Manchester and a specialist in genetic therapy, agrees with the point that caution is required because of many unanswered questions but he is for continuing the research because only unfertilized eggs have been used. He also recognizes that the 50 percent failure
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