Ethical Dilemmas With Abortion

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There are many instances where Christians and non-Christian will face ethical dilemmas, that could lead to the choice of life or death. How an individual confronts that situation and their overall solution depends on their beliefs about morality and ethics. For instance, Susan faces an ethical dilemma, where she has to choose whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. She is facing the problem that her unborn child will have down syndrome. In 2011, “730,322 abortions were reported to the Centers for Disease control” (Operation Rescue, n.d.). Based off of core beliefs and evaluation through the Christian worldview Susan’s choice could have different results, whether she makes the choice off of what the easy solution is or by what is morally right according to personal beliefs and the Christian worldview. Ethical Dilemma In this case Susan finally gets…show more content…
No matter what, for the rest of her child’s life he or she will have to deal with Down Syndrome, which will be an emotional roller coaster and medical bills. There will be many tough days and have days of regret and hopelessness. The sin of abortion is no less forgivable than any other, no matter what the situation is, and she would have to live with this regret for the rest of her life. Susan is not alone, there are many others that will help her and love this child as well and faith in Jesus Christ. The benefits would be loving this child God has blessed Susan to have. Comparison If Susan were to keep the baby even if the unborn child has Down Syndrome this would be justifying what is morally right. There are individuals who cannot have children to begin with and would do anything to have a child in one’s life to love. Susan could instead of aborting her pregnancy, give the baby up for adoption, which is essentially better than taking one’s life. Another individual would have the opportunity to love and care for this child.
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