Tuna Research Paper

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You Think You Are Eating Tuna, It May Not Be A Tuna!

Meta: Tuna fraud and a widespread problem that America is confronting. Let us rethink about the Tuna we eat. These Mislabeled fish are bad for health.

Social: Ready To Order A Tuna Sub And Feel Sick, As Most Likely It Is Not Made Up Of Tuna.

Many of us now feel uncertain about the seafood. In general, most of us are fond of eating fish. But after a recent study about seafood adulteration and seafood frauds, everyone around is quite dicey and now we should rethink about the fish which you eat at your home or that is served to you in your local restaurant.
According to the study, 59% of the 'Tuna' Americans Eat Is Not actually Tuna. Instead of Tuna, Snake mackerel, a type of fish known
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The goal is to find out how often fish is mislabeled as something other than what it is. They genetically tested about 1,215 samples of fish from across the United States of America and some facts came up which were indeed surprising:
• 59% of the fish which is labeled "tuna" sold at restaurants and grocery stores is actually mislabeled and it is not tuna, but it is Snake mackerel and other similar species.
• You will find mislabeled tuna fish mostly in Sushi restaurants, than in grocery stores and restaurants.

What is Seafood Fraud?

Now you may worry after you came to know about seafood fraud. You may wonder the Tuna Sub you ate few days back, may not be made with Tuna or the Tuna you ordered at a restaurant, most probably is not Tuna. This is called as seafood fraud and this is a rampant global problem.

The American eats about 90% of seafood, which is imported. China, Indonesia, Thailand and various other countries are the major supplier of seafood in America. Mostly exporter from these countries keep on mis-labeling the fishes and other seafood items. They do it to avoid high tariffs and duties during the export. Similar species which are cheaper as compared to Tuna and other popular fishes are replaced to get more profit margins.

Where It All
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According to few reports Mercury contamination is higher in rivers and lakes. So these fishes are most likely contaminated with high mercury, which is toxic and venomous.

Be Safe Against Seafood Fraud

Again, it’s very tough again to find out whether it is safe to eat supplied Tuna or not, but few things can be practiced to cut down the risk of seafood adulteration.
• According to Oceana, The place where you buy your fish matters a great deal. The greatest amount of frauds was found in Sushi Bars, it is approximately 76 percent. 39 percent frauds occur in restaurants and than 29 percent happen in grocery stores.
• National chains saw only 12 percent of frauds as compared to local grocery stores. So it is still safe to buy from National Grocery Store Chains.
• Attempt to purchase fish from farmers and fisherman whom you can confide. Try to purchase whole fish. Try to avoid as many middlemen in between your seafood.
• Try to stick with the seafood which is least likely to be mislabeled.
• Most important, if you found the price too good to be true avoid
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