Ethical Ethics Of Designer Babies

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If people want to design their apartment, people will usually tend to look in catalogs to choose what they desire. Even when you enter a restaurant, a waiter gives you the menu to choose whatever appeals to you. Whether it is a food or a piece of furniture, you have several choices to choose from. What if this becomes implemented in all aspects of our lives even our babies. Let us imagine, a newly married couple wants to have a baby, therefore they went to the doctor; looked into a catalog and choose a beautiful baby girl with blue eyes, high intelligence, and a great sense of music! Actually what seems to be a good idea for a science-fiction movie turned out to be possible in a few years from now! In fact, people now can choose the gender of their baby. So why not in few years choose their babies' characteristic! People want to live longer and healthier and they want their babies to be perfect. Well, the increasing power and accessibility of genetic technology may one day give parents the option to modify and design their babies. However, the question here is whether it is ethically, safety or socially right? Being able to do something does not mean to do it without putting in mind the consequences and risks that follow. It all started with…show more content…
Is there anything wrong that you want your child to be perfect and have certain traits! Human beings as usual want to lead a happy healthy life and they want the people who are related to them to be perfect. They want to have a utopian world where every person is highly intelligent, beautiful, logical and rational. They wonder why someone would oppose the idea to have a generation of people who can take the world to the next step of progress and flourish. They talked of empowering the parents to choose a healthy life for their children and certain traits they cannot even pass
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