Ethical Ethics Of Gmo

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Genetically modified organisms, also known as “GMOs” have not been around in the consumer world for longer than one-hundred years, yet they are already a topic of discussion as well as concern for numerous people. The use of GMOs in our food, primarily animals, poses ethical questions about the abuse of these animals’ in addition to the unnatural ways that the they are genetically formed into being; i.e. chicken injected with hormones to modify their growth to the extent that they are unable to move. GMOs have also been used to create increased fortified rice to grow in underdeveloped and famined countries to help nourish those in the country. Both pose the ethical awareness of the use of GMOs furthermore increasing the difficulty in the discussion of imposing laws against the use of them. The practice of genetically modifying organisms should not be used when animals are in the mix, it is not okay to modify an animal to increase production or customer satisfaction at the animals expense.…show more content…
Another side of the ethical argument of GMOs falls with the use of genetically modified animals. People who stand with the use of GMOs believe that the injections and modifications to animals to make them grow bigger, faster, and larger is okay since it benefits the consumer. Those who stand against this say the animals deserve to be treated with dignity as they are beings with feelings and emotions too, it is unethical to modify their bodies for our personal
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