Human Cloning Ethics

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Human cloning is the formation of genetically copy of an existing human. The word is normally used to refer to artificial human cloning, which is the duplication of human tissues and cells. There are two usually discussed types of theoretical human cloning, namely reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. Instead of just making specific cells or tissues, reproductive cloning would involve making a complete cloned human while therapeutic cloning would involve cloning cells from a human for use in transplants and medicine. Two common ways of therapeutic cloning that are being researched are pluripotent stem cell induction and somatic-cell nuclear transfer. Ethics of human cloning has become serious issue in recent years. Many ethical arguments…show more content…
This technique is called as reproductive cloning or somatic nuclear transfer, which same as how Dolly was cloned. It offers infertile couples the odds of having a baby. According to Jensen (2008), infertile parents enable to have the child who is genetically related. Usually, parents with no eggs and sperm can create the children through human cloning. It refers to the child will much pretty look like one parent and it will have many of the same behavior predispositions as the one parent. No doubt, nobody will be able to distinguish the cloned child as they have the same biological tie with their parents. Other than that, human cloning cures couple in which one party has serious hereditary diseases. It may be unacceptable to some couples, because a third part’s genes are introduced in the reproduction and there is a risk of transmitting the detrimental condition. For example, a couple who are carriers of genetic disease usually have a one in the four risk of transmitting the disease to the offspring. Therefore, they can choose to clone the embryo rather than having the offspring with that disease. Furthermore, human cloning enables the duplication of individuals of great traits. Parents able to screen their future baby for modify or select the baby genetic makeup. They can choose the traits such as intelligence, height, hair colour, skin colour and else. Through human cloning, parents can have their desire baby with selecting the good
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