Ethical Ethics Of Nike

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Critiques of Environmental and Ethical Decisions Over the years, Nike Inc. has grown tremendously because of globalization, innovation, and technology. Nike Inc. is a company that was started in 1964 and has been in business since 1972. It is believed to have started from a handshake and agreement between Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman who is the track coach at the Oregon University. The company takes pride in being an ethical company. In addition, Nike Inc. takes the priority of placing their responsibility to their internal and external stakeholders. The company is known to spend a great fortune and time ensuring that they are fulfilling their ethical duty as a company and maintaining the highest standards in the market and integrity. According to the company, they have a great opportunity to gain profitable growth and to drive a competitive advantage in the market. Nike Inc. is a universal sports name in wear and equipment. Nike Inc. has one of the biggest global supply chains that connects and influences people around the globe. It has become a global sports name in equipment and wear and it is known for hiring renowned athletes to advertise most of their products. Even though their products have been able to satisfy their clients, Nike has been on the spotlight for a number of unethical practices. Nike was accused of violating the human rights. In addition, the company has been accused of acting slowly on unethical issues reported to them from their overseas

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