Nike Ethical Issues Essay

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Register to read the introduction…There was a revelation of sweatshop working conditions in these countries and this challenged Nike’s business opportunities. From then onwards, Nike had a number of ethical issues; for instance in Vietnam there was the violation of working hours and minimum wage. In addition, there was the use of child labor in Cambodia and Malaysia in addition to forced labor. Nonetheless, the company took full responsibility by recognizing their inherent social responsibilities. According to Dutton, “The company took immediate steps to correct the situation, implementing a code of social responsibility throughout its supply chain that improved working conditions for some 800,000 employees at 700 factories in 52 countries” (Dutton, 2012). The company took an ethical responsibility as a global organization and took care of the ethical issues that were arising in their overseas…show more content…
is a global corporation with a number of facilities around the globe. Nike will always remain a hot subject matter just like any other multi-national company who uses overseas companies to make their products. However, despite their critics, Nike has a positive approval ranking from many of their overseas businesses. Nike was involved in unethical dilemmas with their overseas companies which affected their reputation. Even though they never dealt with the situation in the right was, Nike was able to earn its reputation back after some years of controversy. Over the years, Nike has been able to build a better relationship with their overseas factories and contractors. They were able to build up a Corporate Responsibility Board to guarantee the regulation of policies and laboring laws. In addition, Nike has improved its labors to be more ethical and to keep their business and work ethics proficient. Their main goal was to improve their affiliation with their consumers and to make them value their products one again and this has been done over the past few
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