Ethical Impact Of Gambling

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In the journal, Ethics of Gambling? (Chhabra, Fong, Fried, et. al. 2014) presents an ethical assessment of gambling, that shows the roles and impact of gambling in a society. According to Chhabra, Fong, Fried, et al., Although legalizing or expanding gambling opportunities are not likely to lead to a significant increase in pathological gambling (Chapman 2011; Shaffer and Martin 2011), gambling is unquestionably addictive to some people to the point that their personal and professional lives and their families are significantly harmed. The study implies that gambling has a negative effect on a person once it is addicted to it. An example of this is a recent bombing incident in the Resorts World Manila last…show more content…
As specified in the article Tourists’ and Residents’ Perceptions Toward Casino Gaming Development in Hong Kong (Tam , Tsai & Shian McCain, 2012), gaming can have both positive and negative social impacts. The more successful the gaming industry the more taxes and fees the government could get to benefit the local residents and their social welfare. Negative social impacts include problem gambling. Hing (2006) defined problem gambling as “the situation when a person’s gambling activity gives rise to harm to the individual player, and/or to his or her family, and may extend into the community.” When a person with problem gambling wins, he/she will experience great enjoyment. And when a person with problem gambling loses, he/she will experience great depression which could lead to anxiety attacks, suicidal tendencies and could trigger stress-related disorders. And when he wins, he will experience great…show more content…
(Wu and Chen, 2014). Casino development have created important contributions to the tourism industries in recent years (Wan 2012). Through the experience given by Casinos, the tourist flow in a destination rises as this promotes the Tourism Industry in a country. Conversely, Singapore has been an up-and-coming market for the gaming industry: its first casino opened in 2010. Since its opening the casinos in Singapore have immediately attracted a large crowd of visitors and have earned considerable tourism revenues (Kale and De,
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