Ethical Use Of Information Technology Essay

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The Ethical Impact for the Use of Technology Technology has an enormous influence on the collection, storage and control of information. But technology main ethical impact relates to accessibility/inaccessibility and the control of information. There is a possibility that the information can be accessed simultaneously. By indication, it becomes easier to access a person's private information by more people. If information stored was not electronic data but stored on paper in a filing cabinet and the information wouldn’t be subjected too much security, with technology information can be protect by means of a variety of security measures to prevent unauthorised access or grant access to authorised users. There are many privacy areas impacted by of the use of technology. These areas include: •…show more content…
How to obtain and process the information fairly and deciding which categories of personal and private information he/she is entitled to gather. Ensuring that data is adequate, relevant and not excessive [11] 2. Ensuring data only for one or more specified and lawful purposes. [11] 3. Ensuring the use and disclose of data only in ways compatible with the purposes for which it was initially obtained and purposes for which various categories of information may be used. The question here is whether a data processor may use any four of the above mentioned categories of private information, (Definition of Privacy), for any other reasons than the original reason given for the gathering of it. Pertaining to this is the question whether the person must be notified about the way in which personal information is going to be used. [11] 4. How to keep data/information safe and secure [11] 5. How keep information accurate and up-to-date and the accuracy of information. [11] 6. Retaining information no longer than is necessary for the specified purpose or

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