Ethical Implications In Flowers For Algernon

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“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”- Suzy Kassem. In Daniel Keyes novel, Flowers

for Algernon, the protagonist Charlie Gordon chooses to undergo a controversial experiment in

order to become smart. This is not something that would be accepted in the medical community

today. Due to the implications behind the theory from doctors and professors saying that it will

have a negative effect in individuals with the vast amount of intellect would be scared people

that follow a religion in today's society, therefore the experiment Charlie went through goes

against everything they believe in and what they are. The experiment that Charlie is going

through does not go along with the legal system as the legal system is against this because they

don't want people
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This is especially similar in today's society as Stephen Hawking is known

worldwide for from changing his intelligence and disability while he had numerous of

implications which challenged him to overcome his experiment which changed him over a

number of months.

Ethical- Joseph and Khalil

There are many ethical implications that Charlie in the novel Flowers of Algernon that he

should not be treated for the reason that it goes against religious beliefs. Many people that

changing beliefs is like changing the physical body. People believe in working hard for what you

want. “Nothing should be easily given. It has no value that way.”( Not specified). This quote

teaches us that we should try our best and work hard to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction.

By taking for granted or being given things that are valuable easily we as humans would not take

care of it. But if we work hard for it we would cherish what we have accomplished. Words used

to explain this quote such as “value” teaches us the depth of how hard an individual must work to

feel accomplished. Value is a large part of our lives that many people take for granted.
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