Ethical Implications Of Target Marketing

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Running head: TARGET MARKETING 1 TARGET MARKETING 7 Target Marketing Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Target Marketing Ethical implications of target marketing Target marketing has far-reaching ethical consequences for specific groups of consumers. These implications require special consideration to establish their effects on the respective consumer groups. Hence, appropriate corrective measures are implemented with ease. The high degrees of market segmentation has necessitated for the high applicability of target marketing. Firms have realized the need to identify the preference variations among the customers. The situation has put business organizations under obligation to target a segment with similar needs and then meet them accordingly. Further, the…show more content…
Target marketing has come under criticism due to the adverse ethical consequences on specific consumer groups. The view is attested by the fact that target marketing influences the rationality of consumers, specifically the vulnerable groups. This implies that target marketing affects the rational decision-making abilities of consumers. The ethical implication on rationality is possible because the marketing activities target the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of a particular group; thus, making it very hard for members of the group to avoid the product or service due to the definite tailoring to meet the consumer needs. Children and the elderly are examples of consumer groups that have experienced the adverse ethical implication of target marketing. Most people in the two groups have been victims of target marketing whereby they find themselves buying unnecessary goods (Armstrong et al.,

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