Ethical Issues In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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“A Good Man Is Hard to Find” is one of the most famous short stories of O’Connor and in the course of it he construct an exceptional power of illustration in joining monstrous funniness with serious thematic objects. The characters represented by him in this story are dramatic and truly personage in their own industry. The hilarious dialogue among the characters is a thriving illustration and demonstration of the author’s skill which has actually made the story pragmatic to the readers. At what time they go throughout the story, they never inquiry on the subject of the continuation of the occurrences that take position in the story. The grandmother, the Misfit, Bailey, June star, John Wesley, The Mother, Bobby Lee, Hiram and Hiram’s wife, Red…show more content…
Unlike the grandmother, who basically thinks that she is ethically superior to everyone else, the Misfit seriously questions the meaning of life and his role in it. He has cautiously measured his procedures in life and observed his understandings to get lessons surrounded by them. The Misfit has a stable vision of life and acts along with what he thinks is right. His thinking and actions are not ethical in the conservative sense, but they are sturdy and reliable and consequently give him a power of assurance that the grandmother lacks. O’Connor called the Misfit a “prophet gone wrong,” and in fact, if he had applied his moral reliability to a less immoral way of life, he could have been measured a true teacher. Red Sammy, "the fat man with the happy laugh", is the landlord of The Tower, the BBQ restaurant where the family stops for having lunch. He's sad that people aren't responsible like they used to these days, he says, "a good man is hard to find,". He meet a person of like intelligence in the grandmother. He comes out to be the only person in the story who enjoys her discussion. The grandmother calls him a "good man," which seems fine by him. He also have a
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