Why Animal Experimentation Is Unethical

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The laboratories in which rabbits and other animals are tested, the rabbits are held in small cages by themselves for weeks and months. There is no sunlight and the rabbits are not allowed to go outside. Rabbit 32 which is one of the 170,000 rabbits who will be killed this year due to animal testing, is locked up by himself waiting for people to do test on him. Some of the tests that Rabbit 32 has endured is being fed chemicals to see how it affects the rabbit. Another test that the scientist do is, a device to hold the rabbit down so it cannot move and the scientist drip chemicals into the eyes and onto the skin and wait to see how the rabbits react to the chemical. The scientist leaves the chemicals up for weeks on the without painkillers, while the rabbits bleed and eyes swell up. Most likely after…show more content…
Animal experimentation is unacceptable because it is unethical. The article “Animal Experimentation” it states, “many people object to the use of animals in scientific studies because the animals are denied their freedom and often suffer serious injury and discomfort.” People disagree with animal experimentation because the animals do not have the freedom to choose. Animals cannot speak for themselves to tell whether or not they want to get tested on, because of this then the animals that are tested on suffer a lot of discomfort and injuries. Another reason why animal experimentation is unethical because it is unreliable. In “Animal Testing is Bad Science” states that “The Federal Drug Administration has noted that 92 percent of all drugs that are shown to be safe and effective in animal test fail in human trials because they don’t work or are dangerous.” This shows that doing experiments on animals are unreliable and do not always have the same effect on humans. In addition, animal experimentation is unethical and unreliable and it puts the animals in
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