Ethical Issues In Child Custody Essay

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I. Introduction A. Ethical issues in child custody arise when there is an issue with the custody of the child. This may be when there is a possibility of a separation or divorce within the family, and the question that comes to mind is who will the child or children be staying with and which parent will be the one making the decisions in the child’s life. Other than the issue concerning the custody child, other issues arise such as personal property, who is responsible for the break-up, and indifferences between both parents. B. When parents have conflict concerning the custody of their children, they should bring in professionals for help. The main roles of professional councils are to help the relationship between the families or to help the parents devise a long-term plan for the parenting of the child or children. If the family cannot resolve their disputes, then the court will order one or assign an evaluator to interpret the situation and…show more content…
Ethical issues in child custody involve more than just the child and the parents; research shows that in 100% of these cases, professional guidance is needed to resolve the dispute in deciding what is best for the child. II. Body A. Research involving divorce and child custody disputes shows that it has numerous effects on the child’s development and adjustment. For example, children who are in a good relationship with their parents while still remaining in contact with them prior to the separation or divorce, transition better into adulthood . Children who tend to be avoidant Children who rely on avoidance or suppression of emotions tend to display less satisfactory adjustment (Greenberg, page 8). Due to these issues involving child custody, there are services available to assist families and to help reduce the amount of conflict. B. Ethical issues in child custody involve more than just the child and the parents and sometimes professional help is needed to help resolve the dispute and decide what is best for the

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