Ethical Issues In Counseling Essay

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Some experts argue that telepsychology is an important advance in counseling that allows flexibility and a more personal approach. Robert Reese, a University of Kentucky department chair, believes that distance has no effect on the quality of counseling a client receives (259). Many clinicians are worried that counseling done online will influence the alliance between clinician and client. Specifically, many are worried about empathetic accuracy and therapeutic alliance, the bond a clinician and client have that makes a client feel heard (Reese 257). A study was conducted on 58 students at the University of Kentucky using telepsychology, which found that empathetic accuracy and therapeutic alliance was not influenced by counseling sessions that took place…show more content…
In this case, technology can lead to problems not found in conventional counseling. Because client and clinician communication would typically be done online, client information would be on record and be stored (Gamble 294). This leads to a unique problem; this information could be leaked and the information shared would no longer be private. As new technology is introduced to the counseling field, new ethical problems will have to be addressed. Gamble summarizes this by stating, “With any new tool, technique, or communication method, psychologists need to consider the ethical implications of its use in addition to its clinical utility” (292). Information storage is not the only problem telepsychology faces, it can also run the risk of having connectivity issues, which effects the quality of counseling. Katherine Drum, a researcher for East Carolina University, states counseling services done over text and email will take longer than traditionally counseling (311). For these reasons, many experts argue that telepsychology will bring a divide between patient and

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