Ethical Issues In Criminal Justice System Essay

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Ethical standards are rules or legal guidelines that regulates the behaviors of those that work within the criminal justice system. Ethical issues in criminal justice creates resolutions to the issues professionals may encounter and on how they may use their authority. Ethical laws and rules are in place to solve the problems with individuals who may misuse their authority for personal gain and holds them accountable for their actions.
Many individuals within the criminal justice system face ethical problems involving their principles. Police officers, judges, attorneys, the suspect themselves, witnesses and jurors all are bound by the laws of ethics and are required to be honest and diligent concerning the issues brought forth. The main idea of ethics in the criminal justice system is the concern of humane and fair treatment of any person accused of committing a crime, any person who is in need of legal protection, and so that rights are not violated based on race, religion, sexual preference or political view.
The ethics of a police officer can influence the opinions of a society, as it has within recent years. Including how the police interacts deals with other races and with a community. When a community feels that an officer’s judgement is unethical and bias, the community will
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Everything we do to help our officers, judges, and other legal officials, creates a secure relationship with the criminal justice system and the communities in which we live. From jury duty to reporting a crime, we also are engaged in the ethics of our system. The community itself creates the standards of living and the amount of unethical behaviors is will allow. If a person does not report a crime, it is just as bad as an officer putting an innocent person in jail. They both are unethical. A community has a share in the ethical laws and are required to uphold them just as much as the

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