Ethical Issues In Day Care

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A daycare worker from Helena, Montana, USA was hit in the face by a shovel after she refused to hand-over three kids to their drunk father, who happens to be facing issues concerning the legal custody of his children. In an article written by Kristie McCrum for Mirror on October 16, it has been noted that Martha McClure of Martha 's Mini Daycare was injured by the 31-year-old dad named Francis Joseph Jackson, and his alleged girlfriend who remains to be unidentified. Jackson has been barred from seeing his children for the past three years due to a cases filed against him, and according to an affidavit filed by deputy county attorney James Lapotka, the man is absolutely aware that the legal custody of his children is with the Salish and Kootenai Tribal Child Protective Services. McClure, who knew about Jackson 's status and smelled alcohol from him, refused to let the man take his children out of the center. But the father got angry and started to attack the woman by throwing toys, including a child tricycle, to the window of the building where McClure is.…show more content…
Upon going out, a woman, who was presumed to be Jackson 's girlfriend, attacked McClure with a shovel and injured her face before leaving the scene. Due to the injuries that the victim has sustained, a series of medical procedures were made, including an eye surgery that was conducted last Monday. A successful GoFundMe campaign that collected nearly $25,000 was initiated by McClure 's stepdaughter in order to fund the daycare worker 's hospital expenses. Meanwhile, it has been learned that Jackson is now behind bars after he was arrested in Usk, Washington for charges of aggravated burglary with a bail of $100,353. However, the unknown woman who joined him in attacking McClure is still at large, and has not been charged with any
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