Ethical Issues In Digital Media

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Charlton “Charlie” Brooker is a satirist, writer and broadcaster working in television, print and digital media industry. Apart from writing, he has made several television shows including Black Mirror, Dead Set and Nathan Barley. From his creations, Brooker explores ethical issues involving contemporary media and technology. His creations are thought-provoking set in a world where technology has changed lifestyles, morality, employment and etiquette. For instance, Black Mirror is an International Emmy winner full of suspense, dark satire and explores modern reality which explores the side effects of addiction to technology. In the day and age of Black Mirror, terrorists take advantage of social media to cause public humiliation not the usual bloodshed. In another episode, technology is so much advanced that there are optical recording implants which play a critical role in enhancing memory (Richards, 2011). On the darker side, they grow to be vectors for envy. My interest is in 15 million credits the second episode of Black Mirror Season 1. It is…show more content…
In an attempt to live a different lifestyle, people gang up into reality shows. Those who cannot afford to be there, have to watch them and ape some of the lifestyles portrayed there. Charlie Booker satires this intrinsic human need for attention in the Dead Set and Nathan Barley too. Dead Set is a zombie film which takes place on the set of a fictional episode of the Big Brother television show. Apart from the usual zombie movie stunts, Dead Set is a satire of the reality TV shows Big Brother and contestants. Through it and Black Mirror Brooker makes a joke of the British television and celebrity popular culture. Using the real Big Brother show host Davina McCall acting herself and struggling to survive the zombie apocalypse was satirical to the gimmicks employed by contestants to survive the Big Brother House (Moran,
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